Booster seat laws receive a lift

If you’re searching for a car booster seat for your child, you now have more to consider than safety, size and comfort – child car seat legislation could be in for a shakeup at state level.

New safety laws

An incoming law in California will require that children there be transported in child restraints, including booster seats, until at least the age of eight. The rule, which comes into effect January 1, 2012, was passed as a new study by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety poked holes in other states’ lapse safety restraint rules.

According to the IIHS report, fatal and incapacitating car injuries among children dropped by an average of 17 per cent across five states – Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Wyoming – since governments there legislated that children must use safety seats until they turn eight. But it warns that 19 other US states are yet to match those laws, and pressures lawmakers there to make the necessary safety changes.

Cymax is up to standard

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