Last-Minute Travel Contest

Cymax’s End of Summer Travel Contest Summer’s almost over but there’s still time for a last-minute getaway with the kids. To help you get out the door faster, we’ve put together a little prize pack that includes must-have items for any last-minute planner, including a luggage set, a stroller for the kid, a laptop case […]

Entertaining Indoors – Just In Case

Yes, summer is supposed to provide us with nice weather all the time. But we do need a little rain sometimes. When you’re getting ready for an outdoor gathering, whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a birthday bash by the pool, it’s good to have a contingency plan just in case Mother Nature decides to […]

Steal This Look

Interior Decorating On a Budget We love travel and we love design. In fact, we often get our best decorating ideas when we discover a new hotel, bar or restaurant that really creates an interesting ambiance with its furniture and lighting. We recently came across this beautiful new hotel in Paris (oh la la) and […]

The Right Furniture for Your Backyard

If you just haven’t had a chance yet to dress up your back or buy new patio furniture for your deck, it’s not too late! After all, as the saying goes, “It’s not over until it’s over.” And summer is definitely not over yet. There is still plenty of time to whip your patio or […]

Take the Party Outside

 If a home bar can spice up your family room, living room or games room, an outdoor home bar can do the same for your backyard, patio or deck area. Outdoor home bars, like their indoor counterparts, can boost your entertaining style and enhance the time you spend with family and friends. Even if you […]

Kid-Friendly Backyard

Forget Summer Camp. Instead, Create the Ultimate Playzone for Kids in Your Backyard! Turn off the TV, get the kids off the couch and take them outside this summer! There’s no reason to sign up for expensive summer camp when you can easily transform the backyard or patio into the ultimate camp retreat kids can […]

Staycation 101

Turn Your “Staycation” Into a Five-Star Getaway Never mind Europe. You can still have the time of your life by turning your backyard or patio into the ultimate retreat in which to entertain with friends, chill out with family, get a tan and have a wicked good time. Hammock Surf Forget catching a wave. You […]

Bird Watching Urban Style

If you like the idea of bird watching but you’re reluctant to hike a trail through a forest with binoculars dangling around your neck, why not travel only as far as your backyard? A popular backyard design trend is to create an environment that attracts birds by doing a number of bird-friendly things including planting […]

High & Low: Upholstered Bed

Style for Less Inspired by our design-savvy but budget-conscious customers, we introduce a new column called, you guessed it, High & Low. Every week we present a beautiful piece of furniture that has become an icon in design and is, more often than not, too expensive for most of us. But don’t fret: we also […]